Canopy Simulations provides lap time simulation, vehicle modelling and setup exploration in record time, using the power of cloud computing.


Founded on our experience writing cutting edge simulations in Formula One, Canopy Simulations now provides this expertise to customers in a wide range of industries, from Motorsport and Automotive to Sailing and Aerospace.


Canopy Simulations is the only simulation supplier in Formula One, and the leading supplier to Formula E. We also supply many other series including OEMs and regulatory bodies.

Our motorsport platform provides lap time simulation, vehicle modelling and setup exploration in record time, using the power of cloud computing.


Canopy Simulations’ state of the art vehicle model has been adapted to accommodate the drivetrains of any hybrid or electric vehicle. Our Drive-Cycle simulation enables customers to explore the performance of any combination of powertrain components over a test cycle to facilitate conceptual design and specification.


Simulation is fundamental to the way modern America’s Cup boats are developed, and Canopy Simulations have applied our expertise in both the 35th and the 36th America’s Cup campaigns.


The Canopy Platform

The Canopy Platform is an industry-agnostic simulations toolset allowing customers to quickly perform large studies across hundreds of cores and explore the results.

The Canopy Platform is also the backbone of our motorsport platform, which has already been used by customers to run well over 1 million simulations.

Collocation Station

The Canopy Simulations Collocation Solver is a software tool for configuring and solving optimal control (or trajectory optimization) problems via the method of collocation.

Having been proven to be highly robust and extremely fast, we have licenced out our collocation solver to external customers with great success

Driver-In-The-Loop Vehicle Model

The same state of the art vehicle model used by our motorsport and automotive simulations can be used in your driver-in-the-loop simulator, easily achieving ODE3 at 1kHz: 3,000 model calls per second of simulated time. Our high fidelity model compares favourably to those used by F1 teams in their simulators.

Running our model in your DIL simulator alongside your Canopy Platform subscription will give you an unparalleled ability to correlate your model, develop your car, and get feedback from your driver with perfect alignment between offline and live simulations.


We have partnered with some of the most high profile teams in the world, from Formula 1 to The America’s Cup, helping to put their simulation capability ahead of the competition and at the forefront of innovation.

Whether you are just beginning to build your own simulations, enhancing your existing suite, or need to scale out to running thousands of simulations in parallel, we can help you to make a tangible and transformative impact on performance.

I used to spend 90% of my time running simulations and only 10% thinking about performance.

With Canopy, I spend 95% of my time thinking about performance.

Head of Vehicle Dynamics, F1