Canopy Newsletter 7 – Feb 2018

Canopy Newsletter 7 – Feb 2018

An update on some new features that have been included in Canopy.

Tyre Wear Optimisation

To help with tyre strategy during the race it is now possible to run a sweep limiting tyre wear energy by enabling ETyreWearLimit. The example below sweeps from unrestricted down to 1.5MJ at the rear. This makes it easy to identify where the driver should be targeting tyre saving and provides clear trends for laptime versus tyre energy. It also makes it possible to compare quicker setups which use more tyre energy with slower ones in a fair way.

We would be interested to hear from you if this functionality is useful or could be adapted to better suit your simulation needs. One idea that we had would be to add an empirically populated degradation model whereby the tyre performance worsens as a function of tyre wear energy, and Dynamic Multi-Lap is faced with minimising stint time. Of course for the super-keen, we have a full thermal tyre model (contact us for details)!

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Limit Sim

Limit Sim shares many characteristics with Apex Sim except that the user can customise the gLat-gLong angle for which quasi-static equilibrium is achieved. The user selects an angle in the g-g plane and focus in gLong from which a ray at that angle emanates.

The purpose of providing a gFocus option is so that users can better explore the shape of the envelope at high speed, where the majority of the performance envelope is at negative gLong.

angleInGGPlane, as illustrated below is defined with zero being pure gLat direction, pi/2 defining straightline acceleration and -pi/2 defining straightline braking.

This simulations allows users to explore critical regions of the quasi-static performance envelope.

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Better Visualisations

There have been a number of improvements in this area:

  • 3D Track and Racing line viewer enabling you to compare racing lines from different Dynamic Laps or Generate Racing Line.
  • 3D Suspension viewer, which can be drawn by pressing “Preview” in the car. This enables you to preview the suspension during initial car parameterisation before running Verify Car.
  • Tyre Ellipse plotted in Verify Car.
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3D Overlays on Track Viewer

By clicking the z-height arrows or the paintbrush icon, you plot any channel as a z-height above the track and shade it by another channel.

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Dynamic Multi-Lap Enhancements

The robustness and speed of the solver has been improved, and lap splitters have been introduced to the viewer. You can now switch from a single overlay for the stint to all laps within the stint overlaid on top of each other.

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Thermal Gearbox Efficiency Model

The gearbox can now be simulated as a component in the thermal powertrain model, which enables you to model gearbox efficiency as a function of temperature.

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Simplified Non-physical Direct Cooling Model

The Canopy wiki details how you might set up cooling loops in order to simulate thermal powertrain components. However the process can be time consuming….

To avoid all this effort it is now possible to run with direct non-physical cooling of any powertrain component. This means you can quickly correlate powertrain temperatures in Thermal Replay then simulate in Dynamic Lap & Dynamic Multi-Lap without the need for a cooling section to be defined in your car.

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Brake Balance Optimisation

Dynamic lap can now find the ideal brake balance as part of the optimisation problem. This saves you from having to do an exploration where you run many different sims sweeping this parameter to find the optimal brake balance.

Brake balance can be optimised to find a single value for a run, or in the case of Dynamic Multi-Lap, the optimal brake balance for each lap.

We are very excited by this technology, so if there are any other parameters which you would like to see optimised in a similar manner, then we would be happy to discuss this with you.

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Administrator Privileges

  • Tenant admins can now assign other Tenant Admins.

Tenant admins can delete all the simulations and configs saved under a Disabled account in order to tidy up after someone has left.

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Did you know…

When adding channels to a chart, if you hold Ctrl while editing channels, you can add multiple channels without the window closing.