Canopy Simulations prepares fully dynamic simulations for IndyCar and NASCAR


Canopy Simulations’ fully dynamic lap simulation, which achieves the maximum performance of the car, including all its dynamics, is now IndyCar and oval ready. This is the same simulation which is already used extensively in European series such as Formula 1, Formula E, F2, and WEC.

We have all of the necessary car asymmetries and setup features like the weight-jacker, and we can even optimize weight jacker position either continuously around the lap or with fixed positions for designated zones of the track.

If you would like to know more please get in touch. We can walk you through the platform in an online demo, or talk about our 50 day evaluation period.

We are also very close to being NASCAR ready, so if you are a NASCAR team get in touch and we can show you what we have in the pipeline.

You can read more about our motorsport platform here.