Canopy Newsletter 13 – April 2021


Post Process User Maths

Our most requested feature is now live in sim version 1.4759. In case you want to add extra User Maths channels to a Study that has already been run, or modify existing channels retrospectively this can be done with Post Process User Maths. For further details:

Shift Delays

The same advantage that enables Dynamic Lap to find optimal energy deployment (abstracting time away and solving using the Collocation method) has made it surprisingly challenging to implement shift delays. Needless to say we’re delighted that we have found a solution. From a user perspective this is as simple as entering tShiftDelay under Rear Axle Transmission.

Exploration of Sim Version

If you are interested in comparing simulation results across different sim versions, this can now be done as part of an exploration (rather than having to pin each sim version and run the simulations individually). For an enumerated sweep, set the Parameter path as “simVersion”. The Source has to be changed to String values, otherwise the software version `1.4760` would become truncated to `1.476`. See example below:

Always on Processors

Typically we scale down the compute pool to 1 node when it is not being used to avoid unnecessary waste when simulations are not being run. We are pleased to announce that there is a paid upgrade that enables 8 always on nodes. If you run a lot of small studies this upgrade is a significant time saver, for example an Exploration of 8 Dynamic Laps of the Canopy F1 car around Barcelona is 10min quicker. The nodes are more powerful and can share resources meaning that not only do small explorations benefit, but a single Dynamic Lap can run up to 3min quicker. If you are interested in a price for this upgrade please contact

Did you know…

  • The equations used in the Canopy Tyre Thermal Model have now been provided in the documents to help with understanding of the model:
  • User Maths now has autocomplete: Stage a car, and an existing study as Telemetry, then when editing User Maths, autocomplete suggestions will be provided for channel names, and config paths (e.g. car.chassis.carRunningMass.mCar).
  • Channel Inference can now take aTrackCamber as an optional input in the telemetry data to improve accuracy on banked circuits.
  • Brakes are an optional part of the car model and can be removed completely by unchecking them under Properties.
  • Pacejka 6.1 is now supported in addition to 5.2 and the Canopy tyre model.
We hope you enjoy using these new platform features. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.