Canopy Newsletter 15 – June 2022

A number of support improvements have been made to ensure that Canopy users continue to get an excellent experience.

Wiki migrated to Zendesk

The on site documentation is now searchable. This can be accessed using the book icons next to config parameters, or alternatively, navigating to

There is a new Getting Started Guide with video links to help newcomers with onboarding.

New Support Portal

As before, perceived bugs are reported by clicking on the first aid button on a completed Study.  Now, users will see a two-part process:  first, to give temporary access to the Canopy support team to view the Study and its inputs, and second, to submit a detailed description of the issue.

There are text boxes to describe expected and current behaviour and pictures can be attached to help explain the problem. Before opening a support session please could you:

  • Test with the most recent sim version.
  • Look through the documentation, including the Previously Asked Questions.
  • Identify the last working point for a simulation i.e. what has changed to make it fail.

This is of great help to the support team and can be the difference between an unsolved mystery and a quick turnaround.

Support is for platform related questions and not for general vehicle dynamics queries which could be answered elsewhere.

Feature Upvoting

To ensure that upgrades improve the Canopy experience for the most number of users, feature requests should be posted on the Canopy community page. This has been pre-populated with a few previous requests. Take a little time to browse through these, vote for your favourite ideas and contribute your own requests.

To stay anonymous to other users, please give yourself an alias by clicking on your username in the top right of the support portal, then My profile, then Edit profile. Enter an alias, then click OK.

Paid feature requests

Many great ideas are submitted to Canopy, but it is not possible to build them all. If your most wanted feature doesn’t prove to be popular through feature upvoting, then it’s hard to justify implementing it, even though it might be extremely useful. In this case Canopy can provide a quotation to prioritise this work.

Sometimes a new feature would give away team knowledge and in this case a Private development that is only visible on your account might be appropriate. Contact us to discuss the implementation of super secret functionality!

Have your say

We would love to hear your thoughts. What is more important, a quick response to support sessions, or more new features?

Get involved in the general discussion here.

Your Canopy Team