The Canopy Platform

Lap time simulation, vehicle modelling and setup exploration in record time, using the power of cloud computing.

The Canopy Platform

The Canopy Platform is a web based toolset for performing large scale simulation studies across hundreds of cores, and exploring the results to gain insight into the subject being simulated.

This toolset is the basis for our Motorsport offering, but the underlying Canopy Platform is industry agnostic. We can replace our motorsport simulations with anything else, and thus provide the same ground-breaking toolset to other industries, and to individual customers.

The platform’s key components are:

  • Advanced data management using worksheets, which automatically pull in key simulation input and output data to speed up your workflow.
  • Automatically generated editors for your simulation inputs, which allow you to quickly configure and run individual simulations.
  • Advanced exploration editor, which allows you to quickly configure studies to explore a multi-dimensional range of simulation inputs.
  • Auto-scaling of your private compute cloud, which allows you to perform large studies in record time.
  • Ultra-fast data viewers, both for viewing the results of individual simulations, and for exploring and understanding the results of studies.
  • The platform is proven to be powerful, robust and secure in the furnaces of Formula One and Formula E.
You Own Your Data, We Secure It

All of the data that you generate on the Canopy Platform belongs to you. You can download this data at any time for safekeeping or offline processing and analysis. If you delete data from our platform, then it is permanently deleted from our servers.

Canopy takes the security of your data seriously:

  • The IT security management specialists, Reliance ACSN performed a week long penetration test of our services in 2017, and found no significant issues.
  • In addition to industry standard password hashing, all identifying user and company information in our authentication database is encrypted.
  • We assign each tenant on our platform with an individual database and storage container to ensure separation of data between customers.
  • Each tenant is assigned a private compute pool, ensuring that your simulations never share a virtual machine instance with any other tenant.
The Canopy Platform API

Our web portal is the standard way to access the Canopy Platform, but we can also offer you a comprehensive API (Application Programming Interface). This API enables you to integrate our platform with your existing tools. With the API you can automate the platform, or even replace our entire front-end with your own.

Your Simulations, Our Simulations, or Both

We provide a standard set of simulations which are useful for particular industries, but you can also host your own simulations on our platform, and have them integrate seamlessly with our tools.

The Canopy team can also help you to create your own simulations through our consulting service, and by licensing our advanced collocation solver.